2145 Melton Road
Roseburg, OR

Welcome to Packham Ranch, in beautiful Dixonville, Oregon, just 10 miles east of Roseburg. We're striving to produce low-maintenance, easy fleshing, positive carcass trait, calving ease cattle that will run the hills and bring in a heavy calf at weaning time.

We are a small family operation, run by David (son), Janet and Richard. We have been breeding Angus cattle since the early 1990s.

Our Breeding Philosophy

We don't select for any one trait, but select for every trait that we can. Using AI, as we have exclusively since 1996,, we custom-mate each cow to a bull that complements her pedigree, reinforces her strong points, and improves her where she is weak. For each cow, we look at: birth weight, weaning weight, milk production, yearling weight, marbling EPD, ribeye EPD, percent retail product EPD, and scrotal circumference EPD. On top of that, we look at feminity, feet and legs, udder attachment, teat size, muscling, rib depth, and thickness, with a moderate frame size. Every single one of these traits are important to us, but not nearly as important as those for which we cull our herd: calving difficulties, poor fleshing ability, low fertility, poor mothering ability, and bad temperment. During our AI season, we work very closely with our cattle, so that animal temperment becomes a very important factor of safety.

Our Ranch

We run on 700 acres that runs from roughly 800 feet elevation up to 2400 feet. It has small clearings interspersed among the thinned timber stands which provide some green summer feed despite our short grass season from mid-March to mid-June.

This photo was taken from a rock bluff at the top of our summer range, which is made up of timber and scrub madrone, with a power-line easement running through it. This area is inaccessable in the winter, but has areas that are subirrigated in the summer. Due to tough gathering on this part of the ranch, the cattle are pretty much on their own after turnout.

Please contact us for information about currently available bulls and heifers

Janet & Richard Packham
David Packham

We are members of

The American Angus Association

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