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Who are we?

Packham Ranch is a family ranch. Richard and Janet are the first generation of the operation, but Janet grew up on her grandparents' farm, including Angus cattle, in Shafter, CA. Following the purchase of the ranch in the late 80's, Janet wanted to raise registered Black Angus cattle, and so with the purchase of a small herd, they had their start. 

Their son, David, became an artificial insemination (AI) technician and became a representative for a global leader in cattle genetics, ABS Global, covering most of southern Oregon while he worked on the ranch through his late teens and early 20's,

In a quest to expand his knowledge-base, David returned to school in his late 20's to complete a BS in Animal Science at Oregon State University with a focus on beef production and veterinary science. While at Oregon State, he completed some graduate level courses in veterinary science and worked on research in veterinary toxicology. He worked for a large, vertically-integrated organic beef operation covering all aspects from cow-calf to feedlot and slaughterhouse. He now works in food safety within the meat industry.  

While at Oregon State, he met his wife, Megan, who is now a local mixed-animal veterinarian with a strong interest in food animal medicine. She runs Angus cows of her own on the ranch within the larger herd and provides herd health and parasite management..